SecureCRT is a windows-based terminal emulator program. Visit the ITS Software Services site to download the SecureCRT installer.


Note: If you have a previous version of SecureCRT from the ITS Help Desk download site installed, you can install the latest version over it and your existing settings will be retained.

  1. Double-click on the executable to start the install process.
  2. A SecureCRT license file is required to use the University of Iowa licensed installation of SecureCRT. Do NOT copy/paste the license file info from the text file. Download the file and place in the appropriate directory (Windows) or manually enter it (Windows or Mac). See the ITS Software Download site SecureCRT page for information on obtaining and installing the license file.
  3. You should restart your computer for SecureCRT installation to take full effect.


Configuring SecureCRT

  1. In the Hostname box, type in the server to which you wish to connect. In the Username box type in your login name (such as jdoe, or mjordan). Check the Save session checkbox if you would like SecurtCRT to remember these settings. Click the Connect button and SecureCRT will begin to connect.

    Quick Connect screen

  2. When you log onto a server for the first time it will send you an encryption key which is used to communicate with a particular sever. If you click on Accept & Save, your computer will save this key and you will not have to save the key for this server again.

    New Host Key screen

  3. Enter your password and click OK.

    Enter Password screen

  4. You will now have shell access and can use just like a telnet window. An advantage of SSH is that you can resize this window and the text in the window will be resized to fit it. If you have difficulty installing or setting up this software, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

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